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SERING, S.L., belonging to the Sering Group, it is a leading consultancy in the comprehensive management of grants, subsidies and financing of technological projects for all types of sectors, both nationally and internationally.

SERING offers a comprehensive innovation service to companies, Technology Centers, Research Bodies and Administrations in the field of R&D+I collaborating in project planning and managing them from their initial stages. Thus, we are a highly specialized consultancy in innovation management and in the search for funding for R&D+I.

The important thing!

SERING is aware of the importance of innovation to maintain competitiveness in the current scenario, so we position ourselves alongside our clients and design specific technological plans for business development fully adjusted and optimized, both for their current and future needs. We understand R&D+I as an essential instrument for the success of any company because:

  • Helps increase your competitiveness.
  • Makes it evolve.
  • Anticipate the future to provide the best solutions here and now.


SERING, as a specialist in the integral management of innovation, he is aware that companies carry out R&D or innovation activities on a daily basis without the company itself being aware that it is carrying out this type of task and even without being aware that it can obtain certain benefits for the achievement of these activities.

Therefore, the mission of the SERING Consulting is oriented to: Facilitate and bring the innovation process closer to the business fabric regardless of its scope of action, identifying activities and projects likely to obtain benefits for them.

Collaborate in obtaining the highest possible performance from the work they carry out or plan to carry out through aid, subsidies or tax benefits. Develop strategic plans for technological development directors that simultaneously increase the company's internal potential and optimize the economic investments to be made.

To help clients enter a positive spiral of continuous innovation and that this fact does not imply an additional effort in their daily work, being progressively more competitive in the market in which they operate.

“We have a strategic plan. It's called doing things right "

Herb Kelleher


SERING has the vision of becoming recognized as a leading company highly specialized in the management of R&D+I projects and that collaborates with its clients to help them in their innovation process at all levels, solving casuistry and technical and economic problems for the achievement of the pre-established objectives.

SERING wants to be the technological partner that helps you identify activities and potential projects that give added value to your daily work, becoming one more member of your R&D+I team.

In short, SERING wants to be recognized within its sector of activity as a Consultant that maintains stable and lasting relationships with its clients by meeting their needs and expectations, collaborating closely with them and creating positive feedback synergies.

Human team

Without a doubt SERING human team constitutes the basic pillar of our working method. Only with the best gray matter can the best service be offered.

At SERING we have a multidisciplinary staff that deposits all its talent in each of our clients. A team made up of excellent technicians and engineers who in a short time are able to implement personalized projects with a guarantee of success and who share the same objective: to grow your company through innovation.

"First, make your employees loyal, without them you will not build customer loyalty"