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Based on our methodology, we turn innovation into the key factor for organizations´ competitiveness.

SERING adapts your company´s R&D+i projects ideas to the requirements of the existing R&D+i Financing and Tax Relief Sources.


We analyze each of our clients planned investments and activities and define potential projects that can be framed within open programs or calls or any others expected to be convened in order to obtain financial aid and benefits.

We review the activities, investments and projects carried out in the last year whose expenditure or part of the same might be eligiblefor recovery through tax relief for R&D+i, Patent Box, Environment, etc.

Once the analysis has been made, we plan the projects for the different calls for financial aid and / or tax relief and make a forecast of the aids to be granted.


On the basis ofprior analysis and once the potential projects falling under the calls for financial aid are identified, we carry out a simulation of the projects economic returns for each of the programs in order to pre-assess whether it is interesting or not to invest resources in the same and maximize the benefits.


Once the project has been identified and the risk analyzed, we carry out the relevant reports in order to request the aids stipulated in the various calls, before any regional, national or community organization.

Once the project has been identified and the risk analyzed, we prepare the reports for financial and / or tax relief aids, and for individual or cooperative projects, either as a leader or as a partner.

We collect all the administrative and financial documentation required for the call and complete the relevant specific application forms.

In calls for projects in cooperation, we provide assistance in the management of consortium agreements, exploitation agreements, etc.

We take care of presenting the file in the appropriate form and timely manner.

The outcome of these three previous activities is the obtaining of different R&D+i files with high success guarantees while providing the maximum possible economic performance for the company.



Our work does not end with the presentation of requests for aid. Our added value lies in that:

We carry out a comprehensive follow-up until resolution (approval or denial) or fiscal qualification of the files presented.

We provide additional documentation or any type of clarification during the assessment process, if requested by the evaluating body.

We assist in the management of guarantees, contracts, exploitation agreements, etc. that are a requisite in some calls.

If the aid line requires a prior visit of the Agency to the company, either for the initial evaluation of the project or for its final certification, we assist the client for the meeting preparation and accompany him / her during the visit itself.


Once the projects have been approved and during the technical development phase (which is carried out by each beneficiary of the aid), we inform the clients at all times about deadlines, special circumstances, etc. so that the aid obtained is paid in full.

We prepare the necessary technical and financial reports so that the beneficiary can get the entire aid granted, presenting to this end the afore mentioned reports in the terms prescribed by the Agency managing the line.

As in the case of the aid evaluation stage, in the event that the evaluating body needs to visit the company to monitor the project, we assist the client for the preparation of the meeting and accompany him / her during the visit itself.

We also assist in the withdrawal of guarantees, project inspections or any aspect related to the management of the aid.