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New standard under development aims to minimize facial recognition errors

Source: https://iecetech.org/Technical-Committees/2020-02/New-standard-under-development-aims-to-minimize-facial-recognition-errors?utm_source=IEC+e-tech&utm_campaign=04643b9fda-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2020_04_06_12_43&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_00eeae4a79-04643b9fda-142

Date: 15-05-2020

From border controls, unlocking smart devices and enhancing retail security, to trials by some credit card companies for authenticating payments and hotels for checking in, the number of applications using facial recognition will continue to increase.

The need for standards

Facial recognition technologies are complex and error rates remain significant depending on the imaging process and subject. As deployment and user numbers increase, these errors will become more prevalent without significant modernization of capture procedures.

IEC and ISO work together to develop international standards for ICT through their joint technical committee (ISO/IEC JTC 1). Subcommittee 37 covers biometrics and has begun work on the new ISO/IEC 24358 standard.

e-tech spoke to Patrick J. Grother, who leads the work of SC 37, to find out more about the new standard.