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SERING 2000 is a private engineering and consulting firm, founded in 1997 by two Superior Industrial Engineering colleagues driven by their concern of offering an agile, competitive and personalized service to other companies. Our work philosophy is based on consistently performing quality works to achieve customer satisfaction.


SERING 2000 is present throughout the different fields of architecture and engineering:

  • Facilities

  • Legalizations of building works and activities

  • Industry

  • Pyrotechnics

  • Energy

  • Architecture

  • Urban planning and territorial planning

  • Civil works

  • Experts and valuation reports

Continuous training, professional recycling and technological innovation allow us to offer tailor-made solutions, backed on both our own capacity and, where necessary, partnering with professionals from other fields in order to offer a comprehensive range of services.

Our structure´s versatility and flexibility enables us to undertake anything in projects from large-scale endeavors to small-scale assignments for SMEs, with the common denominator being a comprehensive service focused on the client.

Our professionals´ activity is conducted within the framework of a permanent attitude of progress, improvement and attention to everything that offers added value to customer service.

SERING 2000 develops the projects from their inception through completion, carrying out all the tasks related to Design, Project Management and Final Certification.


SERING 2000 is comprised of a multidisciplinary team of highly experienced professionals including engineers from different specialties. This allows us to address each assignment with a clear and precise vision of the achievements to be earned.

Our structure includes college graduates in Architecture, Technical Architecture, Industrial Engineering, Industrial Technical Engineering and Civil Engineering, in addition to technicians specializing in Delineation and administrative staff.

The team´s strength encompassed with our eagerness to grow drive us towards a consistent search for improvement in our capabilities so as to transfer this added value to our daily work.


Our work methodology is primarily based on the attention and understanding of the client's needs, clearly defining, from the beginning of the project, the goals and accomplishments to be achieved.

From that base, different options and proposals aligned with the premises set are designed, and viable solutions are presented upon agreement with the client.

Once the client selects the final proposal, the given project is carried out addressing all of its phases: project report, calculations, technical specifications, measurements, budget, security study and drawings. Then, the necessary documents are prepared to obtain the licenses or permits from the different administrations (City Council, Industry, Government Delegation, Roads Department, etc..)

We accompany the client throughout the entire process providing assistance so that the appropriate construction companies or industrialists are hired for the different works and installations.

Subsequently, the project management and the works and installations execution management are conducted,monitoring and controlling the implementation of the same, both from the constructive and economic point of view.

Once the work or installation is completed, the work done is certified and, if necessary, it is legalized in the relevant Administration.

Finally, we provide assistance to the client for the preparation and opening of files as well asprocurement contracts with the different suppliers (electricity, water, gas, etc.).