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TECNOCERT is a 100% private equity laboratory that started operations in 1997. It belongs to the Sering Group and is a test laboratory divided into five areas of activity: SAFE Electrical Safety Laboratory, EMCO Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory, EMFI Electromagnetic Fields Exposure Measurement Laboratory CLIM Environmental and Climatic Tests Laboratory and LIFE Product Life Cycle Laboratory. They all count on qualified technical staff with extensive experience in testing and certification at both European and international level. One of our main objectives and the landmark of our international recognition strategy has always consisted in enabling our customers to access many different markets thanks to our tests and certifications thus eliminating technical boundaries for their products.

Tecnocert provides services related to testing and certification of all types of electrical and electronic products. In addition to the regular laboratory tests, we also offer assessment on certifications carried out by non-EU countries laboratories, analysis of specific failures of any electrical or electronic product, support to companies to comply with technical requirements for their access to most of the world's countries up from the design phase and customized consulting services for each type of product and regulation.

Tecnocert stands out from other laboratories as a consequence of its proximity to the customer and a collaborative work in all the projects, which allows us to become a close collaborator rather than a simple service provider.

We believe that certifications are necessary to comply with the legislation in force in the different countries where our customers market their products, but they also help in many cases to produce higher quality products with the consequent increase in the satisfaction of the market they are targeted to.