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GRUPO SERING is a group of companies that offers comprehensive solutions for the Management of Projects in the following areas:

  • Product certification
  • Engineering and Architecture Services (SERING2000)
  • Consulting services for R & D Project Finance, and investment projects

It is made up of a highly experienced multidisciplinary team comprised ofengineers with different specialties. This allows us to tackle each work with a clear and precise vision of the goals to achieve.

We are ready to provide your business with a complete solution right from the start of the project up to its final delivery.

Our involvement, innovation and continued training along with a detailed management of the projects lead us to fulfill the most important premises: quality and achievement of the goals set.

Our customer satisfaction and loyalty, our best guarantee.



Posted by Lauren Saccone on July 25, 2018 in Engineering News | Leave a response   Scientists from Tufts University School of Engineering have...
The bow-tie-shaped plasmonic nanostructure described in a paper titled "Efficient light generation from enhanced inelastic electron tunnelling"...
MAJOR hospital has installed so-called circadian lighting to set the sleep-wake cycles of patients. The lighting at the Medical Behavioural Unit...
The Model Regulation Guidelines for conventional consumer light bulbs simplify the deployment, adoption and enforcement of standard regulation on...

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